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  • Year 2 Visit Kidney Island
  • KS2 Sports Day
  • Camp Education Susan Whitley Exhibit
  • Enterprise Groups Donation to Stanley House
  • Year 5 Camp- Sketching Bodie Creek Bridge
  • Year 3 Electricity
  • Gardening Goose Green
  • Kidney Island
  • Kidney Island
  • Lock Down Topic Work
  • Lock Down Topic Work
  • Lock Down Topic Work
  • Lock Down Topic Work
  • Lock Down Topic Work
  • Lock Down Topic Work
  • Lock Down Topic Work
  • Year 6 Port Louis Trip

Our School Values

In our school we are respectful and kind.

We take responsibility for our own actions and help each other to make the right choices. 


Important Notices

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Kindness Cup Winner



Well done Timotei!

For always offering to help other children who struggle with their maths. 😎

Student of The Week

  • Port Howard School
    Port Howard School

    James, completed an excellent piece of independent writing on Thursday using expanded noun and prepositional phrases. James worked alone and really persevered to complete his work. Well done James, we are so proud of you- keep it up!

  • Douglas School
    Douglas School

    Martin, for his wonderful positive attitude to learning over the past two weeks!

  • FS2A

    Lilly-Grace, for independent writing and taking pride in her success!

  • FS2B

    Kayden, for being so enthusiastic with our storytelling and acting sessions. He made a great Big Bad Wolf!

  • Year 1A
    Year 1A

    Harry, for growing in confidence in his writing, showing enthusiasm and resilience creating some fantastic work!

  • Year 1B
    Year 1B

    Nathan, for super effort this week!

  • Year 2A
    Year 2A

    Ava, for working exceptionally hard in everything - super progress!

  • Year 2B
    Year 2B

    Harry, for outstanding effort with his handwriting script!

  • Year 3A
    Year 3A

    Whitney, for starting to be more resilient and trying really hard in all subjects even when she finds it a challenge!

  • Year 3B
    Year 3B

    Quinn, for increased confidence and super contributions to class discussions!

  • Year 4A
    Year 4A

    Annabel, for working well independently, helping others with their learning and being helpful around the classroom!

  • Year 4B
    Year 4B

    Cooper, for having a wonderful attitude to learning, especially in maths. Supporting others with their work on decimals and solving problems. Excellent work, well done and thank you! 

  • Year 5A
    Year 5A

    Preston, for excellent effort during our properties of shape unit in maths!

  • Year 5A
    Year 5A

    Deven,  for trying to use the formal method in multiplication even when it has been getting increasingly more difficult for him

  • Year 5B
    Year 5B

    Kelly, for amazing effort and rising to challenges with a positive attitude!

  • Year 6A
    Year 6A

    Hayden, for his impressive progress in writing, using sophisticated literary techniques to enhance and sustain the narrative!  

  • Year 6A
    Year 6A

    Nathaniel, for focusing on improving the presentation of his work! 


  • Year 6B
    Year 6B

    Logan, for outstanding effort and achievement across the curriculum – and always with a smile!

  • Year 6C
    Year 6C

    Chelsea for her outstanding attitude to learning; she always puts 100% into any task given!  Well done!

  • Spanish

    Ava in Year 2a for 'consistently trying her best and making great progress in our Spanish lessons'