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Our School Values

In our school we are respectful and kind.

We take responsibility for our own actions and help each other to make the right choices. 

IJS&CE Nature Garden officially open!

  • Page 1 Garden Project
  • Page 2 Garden Project
  • Early stages of the garden project
  • Early stages of the garden project
  • Page 3 Garden Project
  • Garden project
  • Page 4 Garden Project
  • Early stages of the garden project
  • Early stages of the garden project
  • Page 5 Garden Project
  • Re-opening
  • Page 6 Garden Project
  • Page 7 Garden Project
  • Garden project
  • Getting interviewed
  • Garden project
  • Garden project
  • Garden project
  • Garden project

Don Hanson Book Box


We would like to thank 'Don Hanson Charitable Foundation' for the recent arrival of our Hanson book box. School Councillors happily received this on behalf of everyone at IJS&CE. We look forward to sharing them!

@CharitableDon @GHFalklands @EducationDepar7 @FIGEducation 

Click here : https://twitter.com/GHFalklands/status/1400811716804493313


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Kindness Cup Winner



for making good choices this term , from Brett 



for being a super kind, supportivefriend to many at IJS&CE. 


Well Done to you both!




 Term Three
Monday 3rd May- Friday 6th August 2021 
Half Term
Monday 14th June- Friday 18th June 2021
School Holidays
Monday 9th August 2021- Wednesday 1st September 2021 
Term One 
Thursday 2nd September 2021- Thursday 16th December 2021

Student of The Week

  • Fox Bay- Miss La-Touche
    Fox Bay- Miss La-Touche


    For demonstrating super independent learning and concentration especially in maths.

  • Mrs Cockwell - Albemarle
    Mrs Cockwell - Albemarle

    Blake & Holly

    For fantastic work on telephone lessons even though the snow was tempting outside!

  • FS2- Mr Moore
    FS2- Mr Moore


     for having a super week in town and creating a wonderful portrait in the style of Giuseppe Arcimboldo!

  • FS2- Mr Moore
    FS2- Mr Moore


    for his care and effort with his drawings and colouring. Great job!

  • FS2- Miss Hewitt
    FS2- Miss Hewitt


    for remembering her line in the class assembly and using a big voice.

  • Year 1A - Miss Johnston/Miss Chapman
    Year 1A - Miss Johnston/Miss Chapman


    for producing consistent detailed writing using great language choices.

  • Year 1B- Mrs Betts
    Year 1B- Mrs Betts


     is student of the week for remembering facts well about Cartmell Cottage.

  • Year 2A- Miss King
    Year 2A- Miss King


    For a super effort to sculpt an owl's face out of clay.

  • Year 2B- Mrs Mountford
    Year 2B- Mrs Mountford


    for incredible effort and focus in reading, remembering to sound out in his head when needed.

  • Year 2B- Mrs Stanworth
    Year 2B- Mrs Stanworth


    for great confidence and attitude in maths.

  • Year 3A- Mrs Horton
    Year 3A- Mrs Horton


    for settling in so well into Year 3. Niamh has had a great week, she has worked hard and is so polite. Well done

  • Year 3B- Miss Barnes
    Year 3B- Miss Barnes


    for his enthusiasm and keen participation in class discussions.

  • Year 4A- Miss Gutteridge
    Year 4A- Miss Gutteridge


    has been incredibly focussed during his assessments this week and worked really hard.

  • Year 4B- Miss Gutteridge
    Year 4B- Miss Gutteridge


    has had an excellent attitude to her learning this week, shown fantastic manners and superb effort.

  • Year 5A- Mr Mean
    Year 5A- Mr Mean


    for a sparkling start to play rehearsals.

  • Year 5B- Mrs Barratt
    Year 5B- Mrs Barratt


    for being a wonderful member of 5B who will be missed very much. You will be remembered for your generous, thoughtful nature, your maturity, your intelligence and your friendship. Be confident. Be proud.

  • Year 5B- Mrs Barratt
    Year 5B- Mrs Barratt


    for improving brush stroke and blending techniques to create a monet-style painting.

  • Year 5B- Mrs Jaffray
    Year 5B- Mrs Jaffray


    for a fabulous cooking video with clear instruction.

  • Year 6A- Mr Southgate
    Year 6A- Mr Southgate

    Lily Lapham 

    for applying herself to her learning and making impressive progress.

  • Year 6B- Miss Easton
    Year 6B- Miss Easton


    for commitment to her learning, taking the initiative to revise for assessments in her own time this week. 

  • Computing- Ms Armstrong
    Computing- Ms Armstrong


    for magnificent coding of multiple Sprites (characters) in Scratch Jr. in a very small amount of time!  Great job!

  • Spanish - Mrs Gomez
    Spanish - Mrs Gomez


    for doing so well in her listening and writing task in Spanish.

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