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Our School Values

In our school we are respectful and kind.

We take responsibility for our own actions and help each other to make the right choices. 

Student Of The Week 2022

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 Term 3.1
Monday 2nd May - 
Wednesday 10th August 
Half Term 
Monday 13th June -
Friday 17th June 
Term 3.2
Monday 20th June - 
Wednesday 10th August 
School Holidays- 
Thursday 11th August - 
Sunday 4th September 
Term 1 2022-2023
Monday 5th September 

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Term 3

  • Literacy Counts

    Literacy Counts

    IJS and CE would like to say a huge thank you to Claire Belisari and Trish Richardson for their amazing work with all the Staff at IJS&CE. They helped us to launch and embed our new Literacy scheme which will support the teaching of phonics, reading and writing for all our children, using amazing books and resources.
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