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Our School Values

In our school we are respectful and kind.

We take responsibility for our own actions and help each other to make the right choices. 


Important Notices

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Kindness Cup Winner


I would like to nominate Kaydee,

For making me feel better during the lightening storm at Port Louis,

From Ruby.


26th November - Thanksgiving

30th November - St. Andrews Day

7th December - Nativity Dress Rehearsal

8th December - Battle Day (Public Holiday)

9th & 10th December - Nativity in the School hall

17th December - Break up for Summer Holidays       

Student of The Week

  • San Carlos
    San Carlos

    Harry worked so hard this week on his SATs. He was determined and never gave up, even when some of the questions were tricky.

    Well done, Harry!

  • Computing - Ms Armstrong
    Computing - Ms Armstrong


    Stunning animation work both at school AND at home on his own device!

  • Spanish

    Layla Tanner-Dempster

    (Year 5A) for giving it her all in her first Spanish lesson.

  • FS2A


    has student of the week this week because he has a can do attitude and never gives up.

  • FS2B


    for always trying her best and persevering when things get tricky.

  • Year 1A
    Year 1A

    Dante Guala-Segovia,

    for improved independence following class routines and singing out Nativity song.

  • Year 1B
    Year 1B


    for showing such determination and concentration with her writing! Well done fabulous effort and progression!

  • Year 2A
    Year 2A


    for an improved effort in the classroom, especially in maths!

  • Year 2B
    Year 2B

    Gabriel Carter,

    for being more focussed on independent work AND knowing his Nativity lines and being ready on time!

  • Year 3A
    Year 3A


    has shown excellent effort and resilience this week in all that he has done.  Huge well done!!

  • Year 3B
    Year 3B

    All of 3B for their concentration and good behaviour during our trip to the museum.

  • Year 4A
    Year 4A


    for settling back into IJS life so well and working hard in all lessons. Well done and keep it up!

  • Year 4B
    Year 4B


    he has worked really hard this week in English to write a detailed habitat information leaflet.

  • Year 5A
    Year 5A


    for showing an improved attitude to her learning through the week.

  • Year 5B
    Year 5B


    for working hard at finding all the prime numbers up to 100 in maths - well done

  • Year 6A
    Year 6A


    for explaining his learning and meeting his targets.

  • Year 6A
    Year 6A


    for her improved focus and work-rate in class.

  • Y6 Mrs Jaffray
    Y6 Mrs Jaffray


    for excellent writing 

  • Year 6B
    Year 6B


    for writing an excellent recount of our trip to Port Louis.

  • Year 6B
    Year 6B


    for sharing his wealth of knowledge about Port Louis with the class during our trip there this week.