Staying Safe on the Internet

Do you know what your children are doing on the internet or with their mobile phones?

Social networking is very popular. Many young people are sophisticated in the way they use social media apps and websites, accessing them from a range of devices including smartphones, tablets, and games consoles.  

But social media, like all forms of public communication, comes with some risks. Your child gets taught about these risks in school – but do you understand them? By helping your child understand what the risks are, you can play a big part in preventing them from turning into problems.

Whilst young people may be technology experts, they often aren’t experts at determining risks or consequences. Some online behaviours such as cyber-bullying and sexting can have devastating consequences, and are real issues which are already affecting young people in the Falkland Islands every day.

You can find out more about how children use social media, the apps they use, the risks they face, how to use privacy settings, and advice and tips about how to talk to your children about these issues at:

NCI e-safety Portal   NCI Technologies are a responsible IT company who support a range of educational establishments.  All resources on this site are designed with you in mind no matter who you are, parents, teachers or children.  All resources are offered free.

Cyber Bee  is a more parent/teacher orientated site, though has many links to cartoons, games and much more for children. There are links with many verified safe sites for your children to use.

Childnet has video clips from children explaining internet safety in terms that children can understand.  This site also has a category for teachers and parents.

Getting help:

If you have been affected by issues such as cyber-bullying or sexting, talk to someone about it. Did you know you can call the NSPCC for support and advice?  Children, teenagers and adults can call to discuss any issue they are concerned about.  The following number connects to the UK helpline for free and anonymously – it won’t even show on your bill.  Call 28888 for support and advice – you don’t even need to say who you are.

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