School Councillors 2022 - 2023

Year 3 - Camila and Kayden

Year 4 - Annabell, Luca and Lexi

Year 5 - Phoebe and Noah

Year 6 - Jessie and William

School Council Meetings: Mondays 12-1:15pm in Mrs Barratt's Year 4 Classroom.

Teachers: Mrs Barratt & Mrs Rowlands

Cake Sale Fundraising

Charity Cake Sale

Update From The URAFIKI Team

URAFIKI article
Urafiki 3
Urafiki 4
Urafiki 5

The Members Of Parliament Visit

MPs Visit article

Gold/Yellow Day


Gold Yellow day

Elections Under Way

The School Councillors are not yet voted for but will be by end of this week. Monday‚Äôs introductory meeting had 50+ children attending, showing an interest in becoming a School Councillor for 2022-23.  Good luck, everyone!