Teacher: Sarah Edwards

Goose Green do Yoga

Carol Morrison visited Goose Green School on February 23 to teach yoga to the children.  Once again, everyone enjoyed this experience immensely.  

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Term 1 at Goose Green School


Look how tall our sunflower is!

20211129 143307  

We have been growing our Shield Programme sunflower. 

The competition ended today, but it grew to 173 cm tall!

  A tremendous effort by our little gardeners here at Goose Green. 

News from Goose Green School



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On Wednesday 18th November, Mike Ford brought the Shield team to Goose Green School to deliver beautifully crafted, bespoke swing seats.  The children at the settlement school would like to thank Shield for making the seats for their playground.  

Photo: Tameka in Year 1 was delighted to receive the swing seats.

Settling into School!

Goose Green Term1