Teachers: Mrs Barratt & Mrs Leat 
LSA's: Mr Gomez (am), Mrs McKay (pm), Mrs Bonner & Mrs Whitney

Year 6 Term 1


Year 6 Bake Sale Success

Year 6 have been busy


Year 6 in preparation for ...



We are currently in the throes of feverishly learning our lines, working on songs, making props, sourcing costumes, and creating scenery for the IJS & CE KS2 production. All the roles have been cast with just a few tweaks and extras to happen as the play journeys through its metamorphosis!

We are looking forward to putting all our hard into a production, which we very much hope you'll enjoy. Ticket information will be released soon - but do keep some evenings, week commencing 12th July, free! 

For never was a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo." - we will do our level-best to make it more entertaining than woeful! 

Year 6 - Road Safety, Art/Design & FICS Transition

To raise awareness of road safety during Road Safety Week, Year 6 created pie charts depicting the method of transport each pupil uses to get to school. The survey showed that walking was the most popular form of transport, closely followed by car. Pupils also combined their literacy and art skills to create road safety posters to encourage both pedestrians and drivers to take care when using or crossing the road.  

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In Art/Design technology, Year 6 have created their own looms. This involved accurately cutting and measuring wood to create the frame. They then chose a Falklands landscape to depict, and weaved the it on their looms using wool. This was pain-staking work but their finished designs are simply beautiful!


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As part of transition to FICS, we have been excited to take part in 3 science lessons delivered by Mr Ledger, focussing on the heart, lungs and circulatory systems. These lessons have included observing the dissection of a real lung and heart! We are now very excited about moving up to FICS to do more science.