House Point Draw Winners!


The Lucky Winners of Term 2.1's House Point Draw are:


  Pebble: Jamelia (Goose Green School) 

  Weddell: Primrose

  Saunders: Parker

House Draw Winner

In case you were wondering, the children’s names are put into a spreadsheet each time they get the most House Points for their class, in their House.  Each entry is then given a number.  The House captains then use a random number generator to select the winners for each house.  So the more times you get the most House Points, the more times your name is on the list and the better chance you have of winning!


House Captain Competitions and Winners!


Sunflower Comp

Lucky House Point Draw Winners!

New School Councillors 2021-2022



School Councillors 2020-2021

School Council Challenged by Standard Chartered Bank


IJS&CE were tasked by Standard Chartered Bank’s manager Simon Fenton to produce a piece of art work that represented the diversity of the staff working in SCB Stanley Branch.

School Council took on the challenge and organised a competition within school for  art entries to represent The Falklands, Chile, St Helena, South Africa, England, Jersey, Philippines, Wales and India. School Council 2019-20 comprising of Sam, Finlay, Ruby, Jada, Sophie, Angelo, Renata, Ali-Ray, Imogen and Catalina then used designs and made a fabric artwork to represent the Bank’s diversity.

The work has been appliqued by many children within IJS&CE, including Olive who had two of her designs, England and India, depicted in the final art piece. Other special mentions should go to Zihanna-Raye who produced the St Helena design, Sam who worked stoically on the South African design, Jessica who produced the Chilean flag design, Oscar and Finlay , Dion and Esme who all  provided elements that combined to make the Falkland Islands design and Evie who produced the Welsh dragon design.

School Council revealed the artwork to Mr Fenton and Bank staff Gina Tyrrell and Cheryl Bonner in Friday’s assembly. They were delighted with the finished result and will be proudly displaying the work in the bank for all to see. 





2019-2020 School Councillors

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