Thank you so much to everybody involved in making the 125th year of Camp Education so special.  We started our celebration with that lovely anniversary logo, now to be seen proudly worn on many a hoodie and tee-shirt around the Islands.  All current Camp children were involved in the collection of 3 photos and three objects, which Charlotte Fenwick from FICS has turned into a really wonderful Cabinet of Wonders, displayed in the entrance to the Museum.  Next up were the wonderful interviews that the KS2 children made with past Camp teachers and parents which were broadcast on FIRS on the Jason Lewis Show.  Then to the finale ; the Celebrations across the Islands over the weekend of the 27th March.  Afternoon Tea at Fox Bay, Birthday Barbeque at Port Howard and the Stanley House Tea.  All three events were kindly sponsored by the Tourist information centre.  The Stanley House event opened with a parade of riders using the traditional travelling teacher transport method, followed by much tea and cake and many stories.  Some of these can be found in the wonderful book on sale during the tea, containing memories, stories, smiles and some wishes for the future from our current Camp Education children.