FS2 Have enjoyed Road Safety Week! We discussed safe ways to cross the road as a class. In the garden, the children have been exploring the different road signs in their role play. We made a zebra crossing from chalk and practised crossing safely.

Year 6

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Year 6a focused on the stopping distanced required by a car today as part of their road safety work.

They measured out 17metres to focus on the distance it will take a car to stop when driving at 25mph and seeing a child in the road.

The pupils were all surprised at the distance and it really made them consider their actions.

Year 5

Road Safety Week Year 5 Monday


Road Safety Week Year 5 Tuesday



Year 4

Year 4 road safety Facebook post 28.3.22




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Year 3

Year 3 have created slogans and pictures for Road Safety week



Year 2







Wednesday FB






Year 1

1a Monday

Year 1

Year 1 day 3






In FS1 today          






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“In FS1 today, we enjoyed completing a ‘traffic survey’. Thinking about road safety, we wanted to see how many cars passed by school. It was also useful because it helped us practise our ‘looking’ and ‘listening’ skills. We often heard the car before we could see it whizz past. Great counting skills FS1!”




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